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the credit queen

I am a Published Author, Credit Expert,I have helped thousands of people achieve their dreams. I have been featured as an Expert Speaker on Fox 25. I have spoken Nationally about how to get Irresistible credit, and find easy access to business funding.

helping people is my passion

I have always been business minded

Growing up I have always been interested in helping people from owning a Cleaning Business, investing in Real Estate, being a Mortgage Broker, and also Helping People achieve their dreams by teaching all about the unspoken rules about credit. Your personal credit score affects so much about your life and business that it is vital to figure out any way you can increase it. At Credit Coach Queen, we take each case as an individual and make sure your score allows you to do what you are looking to do.

hand in hand we can do this.

I love What I do

I have been mastering the art of helping people achieve their dreams for over a decade.   I really love teaching people about credit and what is on their credit report.

I Teach Strong Foundations

This is truly something that should be taught in school, but since it is not, I am here to make sure that anyone that sits in front of me gets a good foundation about credit, credit scores, their credit report, how to increase credit scores.

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