Cash Flow & Credit

“Wealth Building Strategies for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs”

May 15, 16 & 17, 2020
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“Become Irresistible to Bankers & Lenders Who Want to Give You Money: Like Having a Banker in Your Back Pocket!”

Did you know…

  • YOU can get a business line of credit DOUBLE the amount of your largest personal credit line in a matter of minutes? And you already have everything it takes to get it!
  • YOU can buy a house in record speed, without showing your tax returns…even with hard-to-document income as an entrepreneur/business owner?
  • YOU can raise your credit score 15-55 points in just 10 days with this ONE little-known “debt-to-income ratio” credit hack?


And I am going to show you how. Because small business owners like you and me were never taught these insider money & credit strategies. We don’t get the big breaks all those giant companies get. We are busy building our business from the ground up.

You know if you are going to make it happen, you roll up your sleeves and…

  • Work hard.
  • Bootstrap it.
  • Get resourceful.
  • Sacrifice.
  • Put the time in.

I feel you!

What if there was a way to hack the money & credit system (legally) that would give you easy access to an extra 10K – 100K that you could use to expand your business and finally have the life of freedom you have always wanted.

In this 3 Day Cash Flow & Credit Event, I am going to show you how to build an irresistible Credit Profile that every lender is looking for…but won’t TELL YOU!

Listen, this is NOT one of those

  • Real Estate scams
  • Timeshare pitches
  • Or get rich quick schemes

I would never waste your time with nonsense.

These business credit and money strategies come from my years of digging, researching, and learning the BEST of the BEST hacks and tricks from experts in the “know”. They are ALL time-tested strategies and I have personally used them to help hundreds of amazing entrepreneurs and business owners just like you, achieve their goals.

Who Should Attend?

Workshop Value $1200 —->> Just $97 act now…seats are limited! REGISTER NOW

Service-Based business owners

You have business expenses NOW…but your invoices are 30-90 days out to be paid, creating a big gap between jobs, income, and your expenses. What you need is easy, fast access to affordable gap financing to maintain your business and to grow.

Product-based, Brick & Mortar business owners

Running a brick & mortar business comes with big overhead costs. Most of your resources go toward just maintaining what you have and you don’t have enough cash readily available to grow the business. Creative, outside the box financing solutions for growth is exactly what you need

Non-traditional Entrepreneurs – Online/Offline

You know how amazing you and your business are…but having financial institutions view you as a legitimate business worthy of lending money or extending credit – that isn’t always easy! And no one showed you how to acquire funding when you DON’T fall into the traditional lending categories. But with a well-crafted, “traditional business” looking profile you will attract all the most competitive financing options available.

With almost a decade of experience investigating and disputing inaccurate credit reports, I understand the problems and pitfalls consumers encounter with their credit. Good credit is a form of wealth, while bad credit can spiral finances downward, costing thousands of dollars extra over the life of the loan. Don’t fall into this credit trap! Learn the secrets and strategies you need to put your credit back on track.

Learn how to:

  • Reclaim your desirability as a borrower
  • Save thousands of dollars by learning the secrets of credit
  • Manage your finances properly
  • Take control of your life
  • Build business credit and get funding

As an entrepreneur, once upon a time, I did almost everything wrong with my credit. As I rebuilt my credit, I realized I had a unique opportunity to teach people how NOT to make some of the same mistakes. Over the last 12 years, I have reviewed thousands of credit reports and noticed that behind the numbers, is a secret “code” to the credit matrix – and how to unlock it.

Here’s what you need to WIN…

Business finance and credit is FUN! When you know the secrets to winning the game.

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world of business credit and finance – you need to be armed with the latest strategies and tools to help you grow.. WITHOUT all the hustle & grind, stress, and bootstrapping!

Workshop Value $1200 —->> Just $97 act now…seats are limited! REGISTER NOW


KNOW the Hidden Rules of Credit

Credit is a game set up intentionally to be confusing and overwhelming…so most people LOSE at this game. But when you understand the hidden rules of how the credit “game” is played, you know exactly how to WIN, consistently, every single time!


Easy Access to Business Funding

There’s a limit to how large & fast you can grow your business bootstrapping, hustling/grinding, on your own time & dime. The key to efficient, money-savvy growth is to have the “inside track” on easy access to inexpensive funding.


Your Irresistible Credit & Financial Profile

You need to “package up” and present your business credit & financial profile in the precise way that instantly makes you irresistible to lenders. When you achieve this perfect blend, the financial world becomes your “oyster”!


Pay Yourself FIRST

The bottom line is this…YOU come FIRST! Many business owners make the fatal mistake of sacrificing their own financial security for the misguided sake of the business.

The Agenda

Top notch content delivered by The Credit Queen, who lives what she teaches. Get ”rock – solid” strategies with action steps that move the needle FAST.

Most growing entrepreneurs and small business owners are struggling “upstream” to succeed – because they don’t know exactly what to focus on to build credit and get funding without overwhelm. That’s why we start off the event with an immediate deep dive into Becky’s signature “Business Credit Mastery” system, which has helped hundreds of our previous clients gain access to thousands of dollars of funding very quickly!

Day 1

  • Rule Your Credit – In a world where “cash is king”, your CREDIT is QUEEN! Ruling your credit like royalty.
  • Money BS (Belief Systems) – Bust old money myths and replacing them with the top 1% million dollar mindset.
  • Saving Your Future – Learn how to harness the POWER of compound interest, leverage your money, and other insider secrets to secure your future.
  • The Underdog WINS – The elusive “business success map” you were never given is finally revealed!

Day 2

  • Buy a House In Record Speed – Even with hard-to-document income, learn the exact formula for buying a home…faster and with greater EASE.
  • Biz Credit Magic – Demystified – How business credit is different than personal credit. How it works and how to use this amazing tool to your best advantage. Get business credit as easy as 1-2-3!
  • Keys to Unlock Any Lender’s Funding Vault – Know exactly how to look “on paper” so you breeze through the process of approval for the funding you need…easy-peazy!
  • Your Irresistible Credit & Finance Blueprint – Craft your personal Credit & Financial Blueprint so you always have the precise map to getting everything you need!

If Cash Is King

credit is queen

My credit was a complete disaster and there seemed to be NO light at the end of the tunnel. I had tried many other SO CALLED credit repair establishments with NO prevail! BUT, I met Becky Estep , and Miracles Happened! EVERYTHING, Becky said she could do, she backed up! I went from drowning with a ZERO credit score to a 662 credit score in less than THREE months! Becky Estep is TRULY THE CREDIT QUEEN! I will continue to retain her services until she says no more and I HIGHLY recommend her to ANYONE and EVERYONE! Give Becky a try, you wont be disappointed! Thank you Becky Estep, for everything, we love ya!!!!
CW O'Blance
CW O'Blance
16:06 21 Jan 20
This is the second time I’ve use this company since 2011 what a great company what a great group to work with very professional I would recommend them. My credit scores Improved with all three credit reporting agencies the most being 160 and a least being 110. Thanks
WTD22 Davis
WTD22 Davis
15:24 28 Oct 19
I called to ask some questions about consolidation, Becky was able to give me some very helpful information that put my mind at ease. Thank you Becky!
Beverly Lowe
Beverly Lowe
21:13 07 Oct 19
Phenomenal service from her and her associates. They brought my score from a low up to almost an 800. They are lots of help and i refer everyone I know to them. Thank you guys again!!!
Case Giles
Case Giles
16:22 16 Jul 19
My experience with Becky and Credit Coach was a absolute positive in my life. I was looking to increase my credit score so that I could get a low interest rate on my car and home. Becky and her team delivered 100% don't go anywhere else!!
17:35 15 Jun 19
Me experience with Becky and Credit Coach was a absolute positive in my life. I was looking to increase my credit score so that I could get a low interest rate on my car and home. Becky and her team delivered 100% don't go anywhere else!!
16:10 15 Jun 19
My name is Carson and I lost everything due to a hiccup in life and when I called credit coach they were welcoming to me and my life issues it only took them 6 months to get me back on track I’m now where I want to be due to them and i can’t thank them enough for all their hard work I recommend them 100% they work with everyone and stay true to their words thanks agian credit coach
Carson Scott
Carson Scott
10:09 14 Jun 19
Becky is great! Very knowledgeable and helpful. She's helped me a ton over the last year. I highly recommend giving her a call if you or your loved ones need some guidance on credit repair. Thanks Becky!
Trentin Jones
Trentin Jones
17:10 29 May 19
Becky is great! Very knowledgeable and helpful. She's helped me a ton over the last year. I highly recommend giving her a call if you or your loved ones need some guidance on credit repair. Thanks Becky!
Trentin Jones
Trentin Jones
17:10 29 May 19
She helped boost my credit score 100 points in 6 mo. Would recommend this service to anyone with credit issues.
Corey Dade
Corey Dade
17:53 29 Mar 19
I havent even done business with her yet, but I plan on it. Becky seemed really nice just from the first impression of talking to her. I cannot wait to do business with her. Good review beforehand.
DeJuan M. Johnson
DeJuan M. Johnson
03:02 01 Feb 19
Simply the best, Becky is awesome, she worked on my credit back in 2015, within 3 months my score went up 40 to 50 points. Same with my husband’s credit, she started working on it back in November 2018 and his score was 575 and now it’s around 670! Thank you.
Daniela Castillo
Daniela Castillo
23:15 29 Jan 19
Simply put, Becky is awesome. She had made the impossible almost possible. She helped boost our credit and gave us very sound advice that we use all the time to help us stay on track and budget our money. She explains everything out in detail on how the process works, makes sure all your questions are answered and you do not leave her office confused with the process. She gives you paperwork that also explains the process step by step and emails. She covers everything. Whatever you are on the market for be it a house, a car, or just want to clean up your credit, Becky can do it. She can help. I highly recommend her services. You will not be disappointed.
Jennifer Combs
Jennifer Combs
02:07 26 Jan 19
I approached Becky in early 2018 and had a credit score of below 550. Since then I have done everything she has told me to do and now the highest one is at 790. Soon, I will be able to buy a house and do many other things with my credit that I was not able to do before. Becky is an expert in this industry and I give her my highest recommendation. Thank you, Becky!!
Sung Kang
Sung Kang
19:20 11 Jan 19
About 2 months ago me and my wife began trying to get our first house my credit was not the best and was told I would not be able to get a house without bringing my credit score up. I was referred to Becky and was in Her office the next day. After a month my score took a huge jump and thanks to Becky and here team we are buying our first house. Anyone who has credit issues should see Becky and her team they do great work and give you so much information that will help you not only build your credit but keep your credit score up. I cannot thank them enough for helping us achieve our dream of owning a home. Thanks Tim
Tim Black
Tim Black
20:24 28 Nov 18
I hope someone will just take the time and bare with me on this review. This is the God Honest Truth! So about 8 months ago my husband and I were upgrading my wedding ring; we visited Helzberg. The saleslady had suggested Mrs. Becky to assist us with some of our credit concerns. She provided the number and brief convenient location -- "she's so good and she's local. She's right on NWExpy!" Is what she said. 3 months ago my husband and I decided he needed a new car. A gentleman provided name and number of " Coldest legit rep that is guaranteed to help or he would pay the monthly fee" until we were satisfied. Well just this past weekend we agreed it was time to buy our first home together. Well this is no cake walk so you want the BEST possible interest rate out the gate. So we consulted with HomeMortgage Lending (Chris) who ONCE AGAIN HAS REFERRED to none other than the HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, COLDEST LEGIT CREDIT QUEEN in Oklahoma City... Mrs. Becky, NWEXPY! Now although things are just NOT bad, they could be worse but we are about to begin this work with Mrs. Becky and anticipations are high... I'll be updating once we close on the house of our dreams with the BEST INTEREST Rate possible... Updates.... to come soon.Hopeful and Excited.... it was meant to be.R Jackson
Rita Jackson
Rita Jackson
23:36 20 Nov 18
I spoke to Becky and she helped me figure out what to do with my credit issues right over the phone! She stopped me from making a big mistake with my credit cards! She is a total gem!
Ive Sabrina
Ive Sabrina
16:18 21 Aug 18
Don’t get stuck with a low credit score and not letting your dream’s come true, let them help you. My credit score is now 720. 5 ⭐️.
Shane Jones
Shane Jones
17:53 31 Jul 18
With the help of Credit Coach I was able to raise my credit score over 200 points and I am now in the mid 700's. Thank you for this life changing experience!
Jenny R. Sadler Murphy
Jenny R. Sadler Murphy
13:54 24 Apr 18
I had some specific questions about my credit report and a report debt collection agency that reported a bill that I had been paying on. I called Credit Coach. Becky answered all of my questions, explained how reporting works, and helped me work through my next steps. She was very kind and within a few minutes she had relieved my concerns. I highly recommend if you have any questions or concerns about your credit score that you give Credit Coach a call!!!! Thank you Becky! ~Billie
Billie Geffre
Billie Geffre
20:20 23 Mar 18
I️ would recommend anyone trying to repair their credit to see Credit Coach. They are extremely effective and efficient. They were able to do wonders for my credit.
Britney Kern
Britney Kern
19:54 04 Dec 17

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Workshop Value $1200 —->> Just $97 act now…seats are limited! REGISTER NOW