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Get A Secured Credit Card

Start Building Your Credit Future

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1. Getting A Secured Credit Card (30% of your score):  There are different ways to get this accomplished. We usually send someone to a local bigger bank to get a secured credit card (secured means secured with your own money), email me for a secure application link. I often send people to Capital One, as a second choice. Make sure to do this ASAP, and keep the balance below 30% of the limit.


2. Getting A Secured Loan (30% of your score): To help build your credit we often suggest that you get a secured loan.  There are a few different ways to get this accomplished. Many credit unions have some sort of secured loan, and sometimes a secured credit card as well. So, if you belong to one, you should ask them. If you need help with this, ask us for a list of resources. _______________________________________________________________________________

3.  Get an extra 15- 55 points For $200!!

Step 1. go to Jewelry website

Step 2. pay $100 annual fee

Step 3. pick out $100 of Jewelry, and fill out an application to activate the account, they will have you pay for 1/2 of it upfront and bill you the other 1/2 the bill will come from Major Finance

Step 4. Go to your email and verify your identity it will come from MOC in the subject line. You have to verify this or the process won’t work.

If you do this by the 25th of any month it reports by the 5th of the following month

This will put a $5000 Revolving Line of Credit on your report quickly

When will Credit Coach know what happened?

A:  You will know something before Credit Coach will.  We send letters out on your behalf. The credit bureaus then send letters to all of your creditors. Your creditors have to verify whether or not it is your debt. The credit bureaus legally have 30-45 days to respond. They will then send you the results in the mail. Credit Coach re-pulls your credit 45 days from the day that we send in the dispute letters. This is when we will know what happened on your credit report. We will then analyze the reports and email you with your results. This can take up to 60 days.

I have been receiving paperwork in the mail, what is it, and do I need to send it into Credit Coach?

A:    There are a few different things that come in the mail.  Some of it is creditors that send letters out trying to get verification of the debt.  These letters you should just hang onto for now.  The credit agencies also send you your results in the mail, showing what has been deleted, and what still remains.  You can keep these for your records, because we will be re-pulling your credit when 45 days has passed, and get you your results through our website when you sign up you should receive your login and password you can go to wecoachcredit.com to login. We will inform you via email when your updates have been uploaded this will show you what has been deleted, and what still remains on your credit, as well as, your new credit scores.  The only letters that we will want is if the credit agencies want verification of debt. We need these letters ASAP as the credit agencies put the process on hold until we verify you are who you say you are.

What if I have to go buy a car?

A:   Please try NOT to make major purchases, especially a car, while we are trying to repair your credit. Major purchases like this can drop your credit score 30-50 points, even if the account is in good standing. This is because it significantly changes your debt ratios. TRY NOT TO ALLOW PEOPLE TO PULL YOUR CREDIT.  A great idea is to take a credit report to the creditor and let them tell you if you will even qualify before they pull a credit report.  This is especially true when shopping for an automobile.

What if I get a new late payment?

A:  A new late payment can drop your score an average of 50-100 points. We want to help you achieve your goals and these things can slow the progress. Please try to make all payments on time.

What if I get a new medical bill?

A:  If you have any new medical bills, contacting the providers and making payment arrangements can sometimes prevent a new collection coming onto your credit report.  Sometimes you need to just tell them what you CAN afford, even if it is just $10 a month.

How long is this process?

A:  On Average the process takes to 8–10 months. If somewhere in this time frame, you get qualified to purchase a home we will contact you to see if you are ready to buy.  If you are ready, we will put our process on hold until you purchase.  Once you call us to let us know that you have bought we will pick our process back up and finish the rest of disputes that we originally agreed upon.

Can Student loans be removed?

A:  Your education loan collections cannot be settled out and you will need to contact your loan holder to make payment arrangements ASAP. If you make payments according to your arrangements for 6 to 9 months the account will then show up in good standing on your credit report.

Why is the Credit Monitoring Service that I have reporting alerts and/or lower scores?

A:  When using an online credit monitoring service be aware that the scores are often inaccurate. When we send letters out to dispute your inaccurate information, these monitoring companies will alert you for each thing that we are disputing for you.  For example if you had 12 negative things on your credit report.  They will alert you potentially 12 times. It is ok; that just means that we are doing our job.  I have found that the most accurate credit scores come from banks or mortgage companies. We have found that the online ones for consumers are rarely accurate.