Top 5 mistakes Business Owners Make

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“Become Irresistible to Bankers & Lenders Who Want to Give You Money: Like Having a Banker in Your Back Pocket!”


And I am going to show you how. Because small business owners like you and me were never taught these insider money & credit strategies. We don’t get the big breaks all those giant companies get. We are busy building our business from the ground up.

You know if you are going to make it happen, you roll up your sleeves and…

  • Work hard.
  • Bootstrap it.
  • Get resourceful.
  • Sacrifice.
  • Put the time in.

I feel you!

With almost a decade of experience investigating and disputing inaccurate credit reports, I understand the problems and pitfalls consumers encounter with their credit. Good credit is a form of wealth, while bad credit can spiral finances downward, costing thousands of dollars extra over the life of the loan. Don’t fall into this credit trap! Learn the secrets and strategies you need to put your credit back on track.

Learn how to:

  • Reclaim your desirability as a borrower
  • Save thousands of dollars by learning the secrets of credit
  • Manage your finances properly
  • Take control of your life
  • Build business credit and get funding

As an entrepreneur, once upon a time, I did almost everything wrong with my credit. As I rebuilt my credit, I realized I had a unique opportunity to teach people how NOT to make some of the same mistakes. Over the last 12 years, I have reviewed thousands of credit reports and noticed that behind the numbers, is a secret “code” to the credit matrix – and how to unlock it.


By repairing your past credit mistakes you can set yourself up for future success in less than a year.


Learn how to be attractive to lenders. With a few easy lessons, you can learn to buy a home or get a better interest rate.


We can help you find the perfect credit cards, mortgage offers or car loans custom fit to your credit profile